Immortals Gaming Club




Our vision is to create the world’ s most inclusive, engaged and 

connected community of gamers.




At IGC, we are passionate professionals who have the confidence to challenge respectfully, actively listening to different opinions, and working collaboratively to gain the best outcomes for our communities, partners and each other.

Some of us are gamers and some of us are esport enthusiasts.

But we are all passionate in what we love to do!

We believe in ‘giving back’ as our partnership with St Jude and work with Heal The Bay and numerous educational institutes demonstrate.


Come join us!



 Benefits At IGC




Copy of Play like a champion EVERY day

Play like a champion EVERY day

Championships are won not only by showing up on game day, but by lacing up your shoes and giving it your all on game days and non-game days. Never settle - champions don’t settle. We are champions!

Copy of Play like a champion EVERY day

30% more

Can we do better? Can we do more? Can we think bigger? What could we do/achieve/be if we gave 30% more, thought 30% more, tried 30% harder?

Only by pushing beyond our best can we find out what our best really is.


Each of us is all of us

The Company and community are made up of incredible individuals, and each of us is made better as individuals by being part of an amazing company and team.

Every interaction with a single fan is an opportunity to impact our entire community

See and celebrate individuality; see and celebrate community.

BoatsBurning (2).png

Burn the boats

We are leading the way in a new industry, we are adventurers who are willing to take risks. We will act aggressively and decisively. Once we’re in, we’re all in, and all in it together, each of us is all of us! We don’t fight for the same ground twice; once we make a decision, we move with urgency, conviction, and confidence.


Be Treasure Hunters

We lead with positivity. Relentlessly seek out hidden value. Finding ways to see the upside - a mistake, for example, is an opportunity to learn and improve. The most valuable lessons are often learned from our greatest failures… we are not afraid to swing big, finding the treasure in all we do.

HotDogs (1).png

Ketchup on Hotdogs

Be bold enough to think differently. We all have an obligation to dissent from the majority view if we feel its in error; often, it’s not the majority view after all.

We also want to laugh and have fun…..we are in entertainment after all! Laughter is the universal language; laughter cuts across all lines - gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, etc. We love to laugh.